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hhannah no sleep til Brooklyn

travel the world (read all 19 entries…)
Just booked the ticket for ISTANBUL, TURKEY!!!!

2 days in Instanbul, then 7 days in Bodrum on the Turkish Riviera! What a life…in all my dreams I always wanted to travel. LuckilyI had parents who loved to drag me all across Canada and some of the US in our old Ford Limited with the trailer being pulled behind. As I grew up I travelled to Cuba and St. Maarten. But my dreams were not being fulfilled – had responsibilities with young children and a husband who travelled the world for work and just wanted to stay home. So there are some monumental places I havent been for instance New York City is only 12 hours drive away or a short plane ride…Ive never been, Las Vegas, California those places can be done easily. However in the past 12 months since splitting from my now ex – Ive been to Paris, France. Helsinki, Finland and Stockholm Sweden. Now Turkey!!! in July.


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