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Biserka School, school, school...

finish college (read all 2 entries…)
It all pretty much just began...

I remember the third of october 2011 like it was yesterday. That’s when my first year of college started. It was like a new chapter, but I didn’t realize until short after, that graduating isn’t going to be as easy as I thought…
The first half of the year went pretty well and I made all my classes. It wasn’t really that hard for me. A few of my friends didn’t manage to finish our algebra class, but that wouldn’t be such of a problem if the second half of the year wouldn’t bring even bigger problems.
The classes got really hard and some of the new teachers started treating us like we should know what we really couldn’t know, saying that we are students and should look it up our selves. I didn’t… You know why? Because if I did, I would support their laziness! xD I’m probably not going to make that class xD
Otherwise all went pretty well so far. The same friends didn’t make a second math related class xD But the year isn’t over yet. Not all is lost (or maybe that’s what we all tell to our selves).


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Biserka School, school, school...

I really hope you will make it. The problem I have is that there are no text books for that class and there is not much online about it as well. I’ve never done something like what they are expecting us to and they didn’t teach us anything… Not one single thing. They just give us assignments and don’t explain anything saying that there is nothing to explain xD
But I wish all the best to you! :)

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Biserka School, school, school...

Thank you!

Thanks :) You see, I study programming and that’s just how it is. There is very little of material for certain and very specific sections of this profession.
The teacher usually show the basic stuff like how to open a program and than expects us to do the work in it… But i’m taking about just one of many classes (which is also pretty much unimportant in the whole learning process to me, because I know that I will never specialize in that specific branch of programming wich this class is teaching) so I will make it somehow.
Thank you so much for your concern :) I really appreciate it.

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