Think less and do more
i forgot i added this

to my list years ago! actually i did not check the date but since i have been writing for ages so i can say that with a bit of exaggeration.

still this is on my agenda.. i am readig a book called Just start which is totally ill written and basic but can get me in the mood becaus ethat is what i want to hear again an again. (yeahhh the book says the same thinh again again!!)

well i am digressing from the topic and wirting irrelevant sutff..that was the actual reason i starewtd to write this.. i do not think.. but i can not do more.. my brain is just shoveling from place to place. and does the sutff that is more easier. even if it si repetitive.. i am just doing.. on the run.. that doesnot get me anywhere.. i am not even progressing , it is like chasing yur tail. and it seems my brain is tooo bursting and mumbling that i can not think even if i want to .. am i making up.. is it that i am just tired may be.. compulsive is the word that i want to express… blahh i need to meditate or sth to slow my brain so it actually gets on track


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