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The Power of a Good List! Flexible and Firm... Moderation wins again. Ever Longwinded!

Lists give me just enough flexibility and just enough structure that I am able to complete my goals, but I do not feel weighed down by them.

I realize about myself that I cannot put too many things on a list everyday (as I did with my last list) because I do not enjoy the things on the list and I accomplish the tasts merely to complete them. Now, if they are necessary tasks then this is unavoidable, however if I am learning to play the guitar for pleasure, then I want it to be, you know, pleasurable. I do not want to feel as though my time is sectioned off into little blocks. When I tried to work, write, clean, apply, play the guitar, study korean, read and work on my backpack all in one day, I found that it was not enjoyable at all. I never had time to just savor my activity. I was practicing guitar, but I had to put it down after I was just getting into it because otherwise I would not complete the other tasks.

That’s my long winded way of saying that I need to shorten my list for each day!

Tomorrow I want to:

-Finish the GEPIK application, figure out who I want to be my references so that I can ask them to write me a letter

-Edit my video about humans abusing technology (I am afraid it might appear to come across differently than I had intended and that my message will be lost…)

- Look into that summer camp job teaching acting

- Study Korean

If I have extra time, I want to:

- Practice the guitar

- Work on my backpack

- look for other summer jobs

- Write some of my book


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I want to:
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