Bedhead2 Is celebrating MOON AVATAR WEEK a little early!

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Day 6 Great day! I bought my sauna! Now time to hoop!

My sweetie is ‘rocking out’ in the other room (listening to music on his headset etc) so now is my time to hoop!!!

I’ll be back to report.

30 minutes of fun! I tried every move I know and some new ‘off body’ ones!

I had such a great day off. I returned something and got the credit put back on my card. Then I bought my sauna & paid it off..then I went to this awesome book store I’ve wanted to visit down town…and picked up some yummy (Tamales & empanadas) food to eat for the next few days. I will sleep well tonight!


You bought a sauna???

Hooley dooley! How big is it? Where’s it gonna go? When can I come over?

Bedhead2 Is celebrating MOON AVATAR WEEK a little early!

It doesn't look

like a little cabin. It is a personal sauna, with the same amount of infrared heaters as the cabin style though. This is just big enough for one person.

IT’s made out of hemp cloth on the outside, it looks much better than the other personal saunas.

The picture is here:


I totally missed this thread. That’s exciting!! :)

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I want to:
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