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Dooffodil Life is a shoebox of dooffodils and doosies

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Sunrise from the pier

The alarm was set at 6am to catch the first glimpse of the sunrise from the pier at 6.50am.

Mother and I decided to take the furballs along with us and boy did they seem drowsier than we were early that morning (which still seemed as though it was nighttime with the darkness and stillness of the hour).

We reached the pier early and mother scouted for a comfy place to lounge at with the furballs while I scouted for the good places to capture the sunrise with my Diana Mini camera.

Within minutes, the sun emerged from the edge of the water and fellow photography enthusiasts appeared as well. They were equipped with large, fancy DSLR technology which was slightly intimidating with my small, old-fashioned, wind-up toy film camera. They did seem intrigued by the peculiar looking Diana Mini though.

As the sun rose and grew with intensity, the other photographers peeled away and the morning buzz started trickling in. Joggers, young and old, roused for their early morning endorphin fix and families with young children strolled along the pier for a breath of crisp, salty air. The four of us lounged on a bench, tucked into our picnic breakfast of tuna sandwiches (for the two-leggeds) and kibbles (for the four-leggeds), and watched the morning go by.


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