As a Phoenix Rising declares 2014 to be The Year of Yes (please) .

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The Year of Freedom, day 137

1. One of the very first guys I dated after I moved here chatted with me tonight. We have always been ships in the night. With him moving to another state just after I moved here. then back. then moved again. always great to hear from him. it raised my spirits some.

2. a bit of an argument with my boss during staff meeting today. knowing how my performance review is always all about her and not about my entire year, but only the last few weeks i have managed to convince myself to zip my lip and nod politely during the review next week. after all, i already know she doesn’t listen. no need to actually talk, then is there? deciding to hunker down and nod politely is a very good thing. this doesn’t drive pay. it’s an exercise in…. politeness.


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