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Doing well with my goal to give God the first fruits of my day and the last moments of my night. Basically what this means to me is that I no longer roll off the computer and collapse into my bed, ha ha. I take time to unwind and in the morning I no longer leap into cyberspace. Instead, I try to always have a thought provoking book picked out the night before and I sit there in my favorite chair and begin my day with prayer and a little time for reading. It was actually hard initially which sort of shocked me. The first day I said to my self, “Wow, I am completely addicted to this stupid computer!” So needless to say, I am very glad to have made this necessary change in my life- I may still spend more time on the computer than I’d like but it’s a BIG improvement. Now instead of looking forward to see what’s going on here, I am excited to pick up where I left off in my reading! I enjoy the silence of my new morning routine and it just feels all around, like a healthier start to my day :) Let me know how your new habit is going!!! I’d love to hear from you…


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