Donna razzle dazzle

Comment on old posts while 43T is broken and see if people notice them (read all 7 entries…)
Hello Old Post

My, you’re an old post. Like a worn out fence post holding up some barbed wire. I just might put an old cowboy boot on you and call it a day.


красивейшая Богиня ♥ L’émeu - my ping is expiring ♥

What the hell was that Donna?!

I’m not sure you get the idea of this game.
I think Spy wants you to go to someone’s old post on 43T and leave a comment. Not on an old boot on a post!
oh, only Donna!


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Donna razzle dazzle

Ah, the old...

...”old posts that might come in handy someday” trick. Is there grass growing between and around them, an attempt to camouflage them?

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Spyrunner I'm back

with a

Nikon D40.

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Donna razzle dazzle

No Way, TechKat !

The man’s name really is Post? I did not notice that. That is too incredible. See, and people thought I was just being silly with this post business. (Well, I can’t deny that…)

I did choose this photo among many because it reminded me a part of Kansas, in the Flint Hills, where I went to school. And actually, I thought of you when I saw that this is from South Dakota. I did!

There are cowboy boots on fence posts in Kansas. I love it when I come across them when driving in cowboy country.

I’ll check out the rest of the Post photos to get caught up on SD. Thanks for your comment, TechKat of the Plains.

Spyrunner I'm back

and his

wife’s maiden name is Shoe.

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