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I have gotten lost in Poland and found myself in the boarder of Belarus

I was with two friend of mine and we were told about this nice little walking trip near our camping site. So we went there and accidentally took wrong direction. Then we were in middle of nowhere and surrounded by very old forest. The sun was setting and we had no idea how far our camping site were. We were also told that it’s dangerous to walk in the forest in dark since all the animals. We just continued to walk the road (which had no lights) and hoped that it eventually would lead us back to the town and somewhere we knew. And then it started to rain. And then we saw a sign that said Belarus, no entry. That was obviously the wrong way. Finally, we saw a sign that said “Grudki”. That’s where our camping site was. We never had been so happy and we finally were able to relax. All of us had been very scared. And rest of our group hadn’t even noticed that we were gone :/ We learned that other group of us had gotten lost to the same place when we told about our little adventure. We probably walked 10 km or so. Now we have been able to laugh about it, but I have never been so scared when I have lost than I was there.


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