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I took some vacation days earlier this month and drove down to visit with Mom and Dad. Mainly, I just accompanied him on some errands, but it was still worthwhile. I rode with him to the courthouse one day while he renewed his auto tags, then we grabbed lunch at a little pizza joint and talked about the businesses that used to be in that same neighborhood years ago. We went to the farm store on another day and looked for seeds and beekeeping equipment. The swarm trap I put on his farm back in the winter caught a second swarm (the first one left), and Dad told me about actually witnessing this second swarm move in—how a cloud of bees came, hovered over the box, then dropped onto it, covering it before moving inside. Not a beekeeper himself, it was an exciting experience for him. On my last day there, Dad wheeled out his grill and cooked ribs for everybody. Nice visit.



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