PepperyJasmine is enjoying my dog and my fiance. and looking for a job.

Write an entry every day with an idea how to lose weight until I weigh 145 lbs. (read all 250 entries…)
5.24 140 lbs

149 this am.

well not eating after 5pm didn’t work. i went to 2 dance classes last night and came home at 9 totally hungry.


i am going to stick with my lots of small meals during the day and stop eating at 6:30 plan i’ve been doing.


idea for today:

-eat lots of watermelon! (i have lots of watermelon here…)
-clean out the fridge
-go on meetup hike? i rsvp’ed yes but now i am feeling nervous about it…

-clean the house
-maybe just go to yoga and go frisbee golfing? that would be less stressful and would still be exercise…


text giovanni back about salsa by the sea on sunday.



I want to:
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