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Lubna Hussein

Sudanese journalist Lubna Hussein was arrested for wearing trousers in 2009. She was beaten in a police van and held with 12 other trouser-wearing women who had also been arrested.

Ten of the women pleaded guilty and were given 10 lashes and fined, but Hussein asked to go to trial. As a press officer for the UN, she was offered immunity from prosecution but she resigned so that she could face the charge, inviting women’s rights campaigners, protesters and journalists to her trial – and where her sentence could be 40 lashes.

Hussein wasnot sentenced to flogging, but was fined and briefly imprisoned when she refused to pay; other womenwho haven’t been given international attention have since been flogged under public decency laws. Despite death threats, Hussein continues to speak out about women’s rights in Sudan.

"I am not afraid ... It is my chance to defend the women of Sudan." - Lubna Hussein



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