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Gale Chaos dōm ecret incidio

lucid dream (read all 4 entries…)

Well i finally had a lucid dream…well sorta. I was flying in a dream when i realized that i couldnt actually fly and stated that i was dreaming. When i became lucid everything went black but i was still conscience. After about 30 seconds i fell back into dream. WHATS WRONG WITH ME??


First lucid dreams tend to be the weirdest. Perhaps you got overexcited and briefly woke yourself up.

Gale Chaos dōm ecret incidio

No that was the entire lucid dream and i stayed asleep the whole time. Thats the third time thats happened. Ive been trying to lucid dream for 3 years, this is as much as o can do. Idk but i cant lucid dream for some reason.


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