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do you feel sexy, baby?

i don’t.

the cliche is that if you’re happier and confident you will feel sexy. which basically means that you will feel like having sex and feel like you can score and want to seduce people or play games or something.

do you think this is true?

have you ever looked great felt great and still felt distinctly unsexy?


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Some thoughts.

I don’t think of feeling sexy as being able to score & seduce people. I more think of it as being comfortable in your own skin, being graceful & having a body that moves with ease (not rigid). I think hooping is a great way to feel sexy (sometimes) when you have those really great days when everything is flowing.

I think sometimes you can feel sexy because of the company you are in…and not feel it because of the company you are in. For example, I almost never feel sexy around my family (extended), I usually feel unattractive. It’s just because of their company & how it makes me feel.

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Well spoken!

joeyinthebush sigh.....

In my 20’s ifelt sexy all the time!
Now i’m in my 40’s I feel a lot more confident but hardly ever sexy!!

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1. Score? No.

2. Of course.

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot. Please don't take lack of response or reciprocation personally!


Happier and confident = sexy in my book.

Aggro or self-conscious = not sexy in my book.

This is one reason I think people actually get sexier as they get past their 20s. People in their late 30s through their late 50s are at their sexiest, in my opinion. Of course, I am someone who thinks in terms of real attractiveness, not “porno” sexuality.

And no, manipulating people or scoring off of people is not the goal of sexiness in my mind.

I'm an awkward person.

I’m also an ungraceful person. And a workaholic who doesn’t notice appearance, mine or otherwise, half the time…so when I do feel sexy it often feels like what Bedhead2 described. Everything just flows.

Do I feel like playing games, seducing, etc.? Hahaha, funny you should ask. Usually no. Most of my life no. The past couple months…eh, I probably enjoy teasing and eye sex more than I should =P

No, I don’t agree. I’m confident. I’m happy. Not terribly sexy. For the above mentioned reasons. =)


Edit: I wanted to add: when I see a confident and happy person….that’s sexy. Very sexy.

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I suppose I generally do

feel more sexy when I feel good about my appearance and feel confident.

When I hate my body, or I know I’m looking frumpy, it’s hard to imagine anyone else being excited about having sex with me.

Sure, there’s been times when I’ve looked and felt great and wasn’t really feeling sexy at the time, but I thing the whole point is that IN GENERAL you feel sexier when your body image and appearance are good.

I am more likely to want sex, and to feel better about myself while having sex if I think I look good.

Sometimes it’s as simple as having a nice bath, and feeling happy about my day, and coming out of the tub all warm and rosy and clean and happy, and sex would just be the icing on the cake.

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No one likes

looking and feeling fabulous, but having company that is NOT fabulous.

I’ve looked pretty great and felt pretty great, and went out to a club, but didn’t necessarily want to take anybody home. I just liked the attention.

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