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Almost midway through the last Hunger Games book, and my heart is breaking.


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It is my first time! I’ve had the first book for a while, got it as a read on a flight, and never actually got to read it. The last book though, so heartbreaking and difficult to read, very emotional.

But I finished the entire series in less that a week. “Constant suspense, I couldn’t stop reading.”

I saw the movie too, after finishing the first one, bit disappointed though. Although I thought it had a good build up for the second one, hopefully they will be able to find the perfect Finnick.

How did you like the movie, and the series in general?

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Oh god knows I couldn’t put the books down after finishing with the first one.

Maybe I didn’t like it as much because I watched it right after I finished reading the book. Yeah, I sort of had VERY high hopes for it. Really? Everyone you know hated it? Everyone that recommended the book to me absolutely loved the movie. Maybe that’s why I had such high hopes for the movie.

I need to go listen to that soundtrack then. It didn’t really come to my attention, but that’s because I watched it in a horrible quality any way and the sound wasn’t all that good. Can’t wait for the DVD to be released!


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