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Who's where?!

How do you keep track of the people in your house? My guy and I finally resorted to sending each other meeting requests in Outlook so we’ll know if we are supposed to do something together or if we have something to do on our own. It seems to work well for us. The calendar in the kitchen wasn’t cutting it anymore.

What do you do?


We have a weekly meeting

every Sunday night, sitting down with each of our diaries and go through each day of the next week in detail and then anything in the near future planned as well. It works, as long as we remember to do it!!

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Not really

I picked up on the other’s schedules pretty quickly. My boyfriend’s is going to be harder for me to remember but I’m going to get a large desk calendar, seeing it in print will help me remember his schedule better.
I used to email schedules to people weekly after I created it online. If I can find the link to the calendar I used to use I’ll post it here for you.

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It's mostly just me

that I have to worry about. My husband works away from home for ten days, and then is home for four days.

On his days off, mostly we just work on projects around here, or meet with friends. We do sometimes have financial stuff to deal with, but it isn’t really a “schedule” issue.

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