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I’m enjoying not having a deadline right now, at least nothing that isn’t self-directed. I’m balancing sorting, decluttering, planning, cleaning, resting, mommy time and personal time pretty well right now, things are getting done. I look at all the stuff poised to go out the door and it feels really good. So good that I’ve been re-sifting things I was going to keep and weeding further. We have a long way to go, but there have been bounds in the right direction.

Tomorrow Isak has a special creative problem solving day class he was invited to take part in (his teacher is going with him), and this weekend he’s having an overnight with his aunt and uncle, there’s a community street party, and a dear friend’s birthday party we’re all going to… the schedule is filling up fast.

Tomorrow will be a harder day for me to get through, but at least I feel like I’m doing some concrete dealing with grief and memories and letting go.

  • Eat well, drink plenty of water, and take vitamins/supplements
  • Exercise/movement for 1 hour minimum: walk, yoga, Wii fit+
  • Basic house maintenance: dishes, garbage, recycling, compost
  • Flylady Mission of the Day: Knick knack dusting
  • Laundry: wash, sort, put away
  • Reading & homework with Isak
  • Family game / adventure
  • Me time: bath, bubbles, book
  • Downtime w/M
  • Continue April happiness entries
  • Sort papery nightmare
  • Keep decluttering the garage
  • Keep adding to the donation box √ Coats, plates
  • Books: work on memorial label design √ Nearly done
  • Good school day = Wii time (join!) X
  • Transfer new photos
  • Hair pampering
  • Skype with S. - She had to switch days
  • Art with Iris √ Oooh, blue and purple!
  • Prepare for Creative Playdate program: car seat, snack/lunch, early bedtime √ – bedtime
  • Mini series w/M


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