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PasadenaSue "Everything you do does matter to someone else"

appreciate what I have (read all 27 entries…)
Front patio

Yes, I have written about my front yard before and now that I have a new larger patio out front, I am taking advantage of the nice weather to sit out front in the morning. I installed my small fountain to provide some white noise. The flagpole is back so I can fly an assortment of flags (depending upon my mood), and the table and chairs provide a nice place to sit. This morning I trimmed some of the roses which are blooming. And the jasmine has gone wild so the air smells wonderful! The mountains are covered in a slight haze but still provide a nice backdrop.

Coffee, music, computer, and the cats all combine to make a relaxing morning. This is what I have been working towards for quite a while. :)


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