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Picked Out

I asked my friend D if she would come with me to help pick out my glasses because I don’t do well at picking out things. She said she would love to. Big mistake on her part.

The minute she and I went with the optician to look for some glasses I became an opinionless worm who relied entirely on them to find things for me to try on. The only time I had an opinion it was to say that I didn’t like a pair but before I could say that they both said it looked really good, so what the hell does my opinion count for anyhow? I made them both very frustrated, so after a bit the optician went away and I was able to re-evaluate, calm down, and look at a few more on my own. It was only then that we were able to narrow things down, and finally, painfully, we picked out a pair, paid half of the cost, and walked out.

I was stressed, nervous, and sweating the first 10 minutes of that shopping trip. I just wanted to find a pair of frames, pay, and get out. Kind of like I do all my clothes shopping: “Are these pants too tight? No? Then pay for them and get out of here!” “Does this shirt cover my torso? It does? Then pay for it and get out of here!” Perhaps I need to evaluate this behaviour. When I’m less insane.

Anyhow. They just gave me a call saying my glasses are ready for pickup, so as soon as I get paid I can go buy them. I just hope they’re as acceptable as I remember.


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