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Deep breath.....

Well here I am again. 3years ago I worked my ass off (quite literally) and lost 45lbs, going from just over 12st to 8st 12lbs. Im 5’5” and I looked and felt fantastic….

...however, I left University soon after that and my easy access to the gym disappeared once I entered the World of Work. I could blame it on a ton of things but basically I’ve let myself creep back up to 12st 9lbs. And that is really, really painful to admit.

BUT, the thing to focus on is I’m NOT letting it get any worse. I’ve overhauled my diet (moved in with my boyfriend 6months ago and the takeaways and Ben & Jerrys in front of a dvd may have something to do with a large part of it) and climbed back on my own crosstrainer.

Today is the first day. It’s 1 day at a time, I must get back my patience and stay motivated and be determined to change. I loved the feeling of slimming down last time, so I just need to give it a week or two until I start seeing results and Ill get stuck into my regime :)

Good luck to everyone today, it’s tough but it’ll be worth it!


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Thank you :)
The pain of being overweight IS worse than working out. If I feel like I cant push though the next 5minutes of exercise I think about squeezing into my jeans….and suddenly I’ve picked up the pace :-p

18lbs is fantastic, you must be so pleased at seeing your body change for the better, keep it up!!

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