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Jin4’s Something & So Forth June Scavenger Hunt
First scavenger hunt for me!

1 a photo of a photo
2 something evil-looking (not someone)
3 something your height
4 something that smells good
5 a place you’ve never been before
6 an embarrassing record to own (whether yours or not)
7 the oldest thing you still own (that you want to show)
8 the newest thing in your possession (that you want to show)
9 someone’s gloved hand
10 noteworthy tilework
11 something likely lost
12 something likely abandoned
13 something one could mistake for something else
14 pretty handicraft
15 random (= take a photo before knowing what you’re photographing [e.g. what’s behind your back, whatever’s behind a street corner as you’re walking past it -camera must be ready !])
16 silence (doesn’t matter what you’re photographing as long as you were experiencing silence when you did it)
17 an object not quite fit for murdering someone
18 something that would make sex incredibly sad if used during it
19 a piece of nature among artificial things
20 a piece of junk within nature
21 something from real life that also exists in the Star Wars universe (e.g. pants [if similar to pants worn in Star Wars])
22 something from real life that also exists in the Lord of The Rings (e.g. a glass [if similar to a glass a hobbit would drink from], an old-looking bridge etc)
23 something habit-forming
24 a colour you want to eat
25 something beautiful that looks bad on a photo (e.g. the moon at night with your cell phone)
26 something ugly that looks cool on a photo (e.g. the bottom of your glass, any old lady in National Geographic…)
27 something Salma Hayek probably has too
28 something Salma Hayek probably doesn’t have
29 somewhere you’ve been before
30 something everyone should have
31 a mistake
32 an insect
33 a mammal
34 something typical of your country
35 a disappointment
36 something that would look cool with a top hat
37 something that would cause criticism if seen used by Barrack Obama (e.g. lipstick, a nazi uniform…)
38 something that sounds better than Justin Bieber (e.g. cooking pans, a dying man, a bird…)
39 comfy
40 impractical design
41 from a moving vehicle (not if you’re the one driving of course, that would be dangerous !)
42 from a stopped vehicle
43 something romantic 2 days ago


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