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June Bootcamp 2012: Catching Up and Forging Ahead (read all 7 entries…)
Catching Up and Forging Ahead

Catching Up:

  • Study (Finish 12 NEW Chapters, and Review Old ones before Finals)
  • Do more Research for my Paper (2 NEW Topics)
  • Read (Finish the Book I’m reading + Start a New one)
  • Write (Finish writing my Paper before the 6th of July)
  • Clean my Room and Keep it that way (Get rid of all unnecessary junk)

Forging Ahead:

  • Update my CV (This has been on my list for a while now)
  • Look for a Job (Either a Part-time Job, or a Full-time Summer Job)
  • Paint and Craft (Make it a part of my everyday routine)
  • Exercise (And do it Properly! NO CHEATING!!)
  • Play Guitar (Haven’t played for about 7 years, time to shake off the dust and play again)
  • Take more Photos (See the world through my Camera)


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