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kkarner is reorienting herself with her priorities.

Finish my PhD (read all 5 entries…)
No excuses now

I quit my contract with a public school system so that I can concentrate on the dissertation over the next year. I will still see a private client should my phone ring, but I am going to concentrate on this, get it done, or know the reason why it’s not.


italnola Survived a year in Little Rock

small steps

I recommend getting the dissertations of previous students. Read them carefully. At first they all seem pretty good, but then you realize that they all have problems. You will also realize that most PhD’s follow a specific format.
for example
Introductory chapter
Main Chapter
lit review
description of data
statistical test
discussion of results
and so on.

I found that starting a document with the heading (intro, lit review, etc) helped me. Then each day I would try to make progress on just one tiny bit of one of the headings.

I would shoot for writing just a page or two a week in a very small concerted way. Thinking about a page or two is much easier than sitting there saying, “I have to write a dissertation.”

Oh and the dissertation will be your worst piece of research. You have your whole career to do better work.

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