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красивейшая Богиня ♥ ♥

post random questions daily and see if anyone plays with me and answers them :) (read all 331 entries…)
Online Gaming Community...

Do you play any online games?
Are you female?
If so have you faced any abuse hurled at you? Was it gender specific?

I read these articles on Sexual harassment in the world of video gaming
and Are gamers really sexist?

Any thoughts on the articles?


красивейшая Богиня ♥ ♥

In the first article I found the mentality in this quote very worrying:
“As a female you can’t get upset if something is said that is obscene if you’re hanging out in a room full of guys,” he says.

“It’s like going to a strip club as a female and getting upset that the chicks are all naked. For me it goes back to freedom of speech. We’re a harmless bunch of people. This is just guys being stupid guys.”

The comparison is very wrong.
It’d be more like going to a strip club as a female and getting upset as the guys are aggressively calling the naked chicks ‘bitches’ and telling them to get raped.
In the BBC article one woman does reported this abuse hurled at her.
Also, it’s not a ‘room full of guys’ as women are also clearly participating in the tournament.

One of the competitors in the tournament is a man who appears to be well in his mid/late 30s, not a kid! He is blatantly sexually harassing her in full view of the judges. Shouldn’t he be disqualified for that? Footballers are given warning cards and sent off for bad conduct. Why wasn’t the competitor disqualified?! Going back to the given strip club example: guys who become verbally abusive do get removed from the establishment.

”..We’re a harmless bunch of people. This is just guys being stupid guys.”
Yes, we all know how healthy that attitude is! ha. Women were told exactly the same back in the day when it was thought perfectly acceptable for guys to pinch their bums in the office.

yes, I am aware that i’m constantly abusing my BlackKitty, but she deserves it ; )

Dead7and_Dreaming hoped the robots would come to their senses in vain

NO, I don’t play any online games (shocking!) and no I am not a lady, but I do witness it. It’ everywhere on the internet sadly. The majority of my friends are gamers and are sexist, so I guess what I mean to say is yes

lliel ~

short answers

I’m sleepy and untalkative for once :P

Do you play any online games?
I do. I used to more, but I still do. I play(ed) WoW, Guild Wars, and now am on Diablo III (although it’s a bit different)

Are you female?
I am.

If so have you faced any abuse hurled at you
Not abuse, but general creepiness at knowing that I’m female? Absolutely.

Was it gender specific?
Mmmhm :/

I read these articles on Sexual harassment in the world of video gaming
and Are gamers really sexist?

Any thoughts on the articles?
Not too many, except that it is invariably sexist, just due to the imbalance in who plays the games (more men than women) and the ages of a lot of serious gamers (younger teen boys) least that’s my take. It’s definitely, definitely true. The thing that disturbs me more than anything is how women portrayed in many of the games. It’s hard to find games that have significant main female characters that aren’t strongly objectified.

(This comment was deleted.)
(This comment was deleted.)

BeautifulDay I wasn't older yet, I wasn't wise I guess

I used to play League of Legends but I’m really really bad so I stopped. I am female, and I have noticed that gamers can take be sexist when insulting each other. It happens to guys too. I think it’s more real when a boy tells a girl to go get raped, but I have definitely heard/seen boys telling other boys that they just they are about to get raped/are getting raped/will get raped or that they are going to come to their house and kill their families, etc, etc.

I think it’s kinda fucked, and I don’t like hearing it, but it is a reality. Honestly, most of those boys are a bit socially clueless, and I don’t think they should be taken as the world’s next greatest plague or anything.

mashko Goodbye 43things.

Nice question

I am female and I am a gamer (well, I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for around 4 years now, together with other stuff, but this is dominant), and I must say I have never seen gender specific abuse… All I ever see that happens when somebody finds out you’re female: shock, they befriend you and never stop bothering you , and are all nice and funny and into playing with you, which is kinda bothering and boring…
But only some players are like that. Others don’t care. I like them better. :)
My experience… :)

barbar_ella get in touch with your feelings, babe

Do you play any online games? no
Are you female? yes

the excuse is weak and i would take offense if i was a player. its not a defense for sexual harassment. they didn’t even try.

this doesn’t surprise me at all. i agree that the judge should of intervened if he had any interest in preventing a hostile environment. if any of those guys were being called a whore and told to get raped by a group of homosexual man they would not be so cocky.

I suspect that they knew they could get away with it. either they gang up or follow the herd if the gang already exists.

but i don’t understand why you are so shocked by this example. this happens in the work place, in rental realty, in the home, in the church even.

to me its more disturbing / pathetic /disgusting that females stoop to the same tactics and are just as guilty of following the herd and using abusive sexual slurs and threats.

the irony is that the same people are visiting cam websites and can’t use that language. but i find it funny that they are either too infatuated/humble with a real videa-escort.

красивейшая Богиня has gotten 2 cheers on this entry.


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