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The stress is starting to mount, and I just don’t feel totally like myself…

I’m reaching for gratitude today.

1. I am grateful for J. He’s been so accommodating and so nice. I love that we can support each other and be a blessing in each other’ lives.
2. I am grateful for long phone chats with friends lately. It’s been nice to hear what others are up to, not the blather in my head. ;)
3. I am grateful I cut through my avoidance of figuring out the homeowners insurance. I had a nice chat with an independent broker who explained a lot of the ins and outs of how insurers land on their numbers. I am moving forward in that direction.
4. I am grateful for my sister. She should be coming in a week.
5. I am grateful for J’s cooking. He made chickpea fritters, sauteed chard, and used up prime rib we had received from my dad from the Omaha Steak Company at Christmas. So tasty.
6. I am grateful for ice cream. Just a small bowl after dinner felt like a really nice treat.


grandmonster What a great life I have!


I’m grateful some days when I can actually find something for which to be grateful. (;~)

I’m generally a positive person as are most of the people who have this or another similar goal and some days it is tough to get out my head long enough to realise that I have much to show appreciation to. It’s good to know that you also have to stretch some days.

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