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Isabel would love to have endless cheers to handout!!!

Obtain Contribution Badge status on tripadvisor
one review away from obtaining Contribution Badge status

I recently obtained my Senior Reviewer status on tripadvisor. TA has indicated that I am one review away fromm obtaining mmy Contribution Badge status. This goal is easily attainable and my goal is to achieve this in the following week. http://www.tripadvisor.ca/members/isabelydancer00


Isabel would love to have endless cheers to handout!!!

submitted and awaiting approval!

Waiting for mmy Tripadvisor review of Cafe – Restaurant IL Panorama, Amsterdam NL to be approved so I can obtain mmy Contribution Badge status! Picture brings back the romantic dinner and wintery Amsterdam NL canal and street scene enjoyed! How I love mmy Mmmichael and Ammsterdam!!!


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