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Field trip

My mom is a front desk manager at a hotel, and I spent the day there with her (the big manager doesn’t care) (10am-3pm) and I got bored, and I took my hoops (I brought them with me knowing I’d get bored) and went to the field across from the hotel and hooped my little heart out! It was so much fun. I had so much space! I hooped on some concrete pipes that ran through the little pond, that was cool.
Didn’t even think to video tape! Totally will next time!


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This is great!!!

Video tape for sure next time! :)
Has your Mom tried hooping?

FindingMyName Barely Breathing

Haha, yes she has

it was hilarious!! When she tried it, I only had a huge 42” hoop, so that’s what she was using and she was doing that guy thing. Ya know, pelvic thrusting way too hard, lol. She kept it up but I think it was mostly momentum. XD
I’ve offered her to really get into it, but she’s just not very interested in it.

Yeah, I will definitely record next time, it was so much fun.

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