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Dreaming Regarding My Dad

I have dreamed for a long time of providing for my dad, being there for him financially, though, I think he’ll do fine. He’s worked so hard and sacrificed so much for me, that I hope one day when I am making oodles of money, that I can do a lot for my dad financially that he can live in luxury rather than continue to scrimp as he has done his whole life.

As my kids and I drove to church today, we dreamed of the house we would buy him on a big plot of land where he can grow things to his heart’s content, but that he would still be close enough to his family.

We would live not too far from my dad, as he’s getting up in years. However, he is strong and does so much that even people half his age don’t even do. I’d really love to go with my dad and my kids, and anyone else who wanted to come, to tour China and other parts of Asia for a bit.

I’ve really got to get going on the trading.


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