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overcome my aversion to phones (read all 4 entries…)
Whacking the Two Scariest Parts With a Big, Sharp Stick

I’ve finally done it! While I’m still not totally okay with phones on my own time, I’ve conquered two of the three biggest issues I was fretting about at work – booking tickets on boat cruises, and reserving accommodations for visitors. The policy at our information centre is that we do everything we possibly can for people, but I wasn’t being forthcoming in offering to provide those particular services because I didn’t want to deal with the phone calls.

Yesterday, though, I did happen to mention them and people took me up on it. Fortunately, the people at the boat cruise are incredibly nice and always happy to hear from my coworkers and myself, so that wasn’t too scary (plus I listened to my coworker the other day when calling to get an idea). Then when it came time to book rooms for people, I was dealing with an absolutely lovely couple who were on vacation and very easy going. I ended up calling one place, finding no vacancies, calling and booking another. A few minutes later though, the husband came back and said they changed their minds, so I had to cancel and then call another B&B (who I already knew were pleasant, because they’d taken the time to call me and let me know they had an availability earlier that morning) and book them there. I feel thoroughly initiated into the world of reserving stuff now. At work, at least.


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