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6-11-12 Monday

kitty snuggles
adorable chickadees and titmice on the feeder
finally getting permanganate done precisely
the first course in a new direction
seeing a path
a delightfully unexpected encounter with a roadrunner!
put an end to something that was hurting me


a roadrunner?! IRL?

(This comment was deleted.)

wembleyheads is swamped this semester


I walked out of a stairwell and there was a roadrunner, not five feet away! I was so excited – I haven’t seen one since I was a kid! It gave me a long, suspicious look, darted across the parking lot, and puttered around in the bushes on the edge of a brushy area. Made my night! :)

Wish I’d had my camera. This is what a road runner looks like in real life (right click and “view image” to see the whole picture):

(I’m not sure why my initial comment got deleted! :/ )

wren You'll not see nothing like the mighty wren!

meep meep!

wembleyheads is swamped this semester


that gave me the biggest grin, thank you!

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