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Here are my neighbors!

The bigger one is the female. They were both out Saturday afternoon & didn’t seem to care that I was snapping their pictures with a telephoto lens below. I suppose they were spying for bunnies, squirrels, mice, other birds. I think they’ve got some owlets around now. In the last week, I’ve heard plaintive, insistent squawks I suppose must be from the owlets demanding food, but I can’t figure out which tree they’re coming from. Our little terrier, Moxie, gets visibly scared by the owls. When she hears their hoots, she hides under our lawn chairs.


This one

is in the neighbor’s sweetgum tree.

красивейшая Богиня ♥ L’émeu - my ping is expiring ♥

What incredible birds to have as neighbours!

and so tame too. I’m amazed … and jealous!
No-one seems to get out their telescopic lens to shoot photos of me :(

Hawk~ History's mystery

You're not missing much

There can be disadvantages to being framed in someone’s telescopic lens.

красивейшая Богиня ♥ L’émeu - my ping is expiring ♥

Big Bird’s my cousin once removed.

Hawk~ History's mystery

Caught in the cross-hairs like that

once is all it takes.


Stop by

I’ll zoom in closer than as close as you want ;)

No worries

here, however. We have no official emu hunting season in our part of the country.

Hawk~ History's mystery

If there's no official season...

doesn’t that mean that emu’s are always in heat season?



That’s awesome!

I don’t blame your terrier for being worried (and you should probably keep an eye on her while she’s out- a friend here almost lost a cat to a hawk a few years ago!).

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