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Blade - Sexy Dancing X3

Hey Hey! Karada here :3

Remember Blade sexy Dancing last night?~ :3 Well I just HAD to draw a picture of that, SO I did X3

Blade: Ugh xP and THIS is how I know that Karada is back to 100% . . . she is drawing pictures of me again xP

Me: HeHe X3

I wish I could have done one of Blade AND Azzy Dancing, but I could not find a good base, SO~ I jsut went with this X3

Blade was SO nice and even agreed to do the simple shading on it for me :3 TY Bladie-Kun~ huggels him

Azzy: MINE!

Blade: ROFL! NP Karada XD still in “Make-Karada-Happy-No-Matter-What Mode” And Azzy calm down xP

Me: :P @Azzy

Blade: i think your obsessive glomping and dancing wiht me today is starting to get to Azzy Karada xP

Me: xP Party Pooper Azzy xP

Azzy: >__<

Blade: Ugh xP My life is too fucking weird xP

Me: HAHA XDreleases Blade for her own safety though O_O Doesn’t this picture help though Azzy? :3

Azzy: . . . Yes . . . . mutters Still mine though . . .


ANYWAY! Not my fav picture I have ever done of Blade, the hair is a little weird on the sides, and I don’t like how I did the eyes . . . but ti works i think XD

So~ Tell me what you think! And Enjoy the sexiness~ X3



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GOOOOOO sexy dancing! XD ROFL!!! He managed to make even LAURINA blush and SWOON and completely fall for him and join the “Sexy Blade Fanclub” last night!! And managed to make REY of all people swoon too! XD BWAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAAA!!!! Hey Kas? Is his medal for his accomplishments done yet? XD Raven asks you to PLEASE title it “Medal of the Oblivious God of Sexiness, Blade Orthoro” XD

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Yes! Totally Awesomeness XD

Haha yep she finished it XD

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