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Well Well Well....

....I’ve been very good at sticking to around 1200kcals a day, plus fitting in an hours workout on my crosstrainer/demon machine and burning off around 500kcals. I’m seeing results very slowly but surely, but I did something earlier that is unprecedented…

....I had my breakfast at around 9am, and at 10:30am REALLY wanted some cheese on toast (Sundays are my day off the crosstrainer, but not my diet). I decided to compromise with myself and didn’t include the cheese. So I popped 2 pieces of toast on, buttered them sparingly – then only ate a few bites before I took them both back into the kitchen, where they have grown cold and inedible.

Hopefully this is a good sign of my self-motivation kicking in, and a sign that I am making better choices for myself :)

Hope everyone else is making those good choices, Good Luck for today!


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