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Getting rid of what I'm not

It’s a powerful thing to deeply realise that in order to be my true self, I don’t need to become something I am not; I possibly cannot become anything I’m not already. Anything I can be, I already am; I just have to see the fact and release whatever it is that is hiding the person I really am.

Nothing needs to happen before I can start being my true self; there’s nothing to add but only to take away. Instead of adding something to myself, I simply have to get rid of what I am not.


Josh ...and life just rolls on like a river.

I thought...

...you’d enjoy this video clip. It goes along with what you said in your last paragraph. The whole clip is very profound, in my opinion, but from the 5:30 mark onward goes right along with what you said about there being nothing to add but only to take away.


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I love that...

It’s one of the most profound things I’ve heard… It’s so simple yet pretty much everything one needs to know.

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