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get a job (read all 15 entries…)

As unstable as my permanence is, I have a job at the moment but I need a career.

I think looking back years from now this could be on of the better jobs I’ll have even though the pay is not great.

At the end of a shift, over 60 people head to the showers. About 55 of them to one of two male change rooms, and due to oversight and apathy, I go to the other one. I often have the whole change room to myself, including the showers. I also take up 3 full size lockers.

The downside of course is that 99% of people there make more than me, many make more than double my hourly wage. They are currently complaining because their shifts have been cut down from 10.5h to 10 and their weeks have been capped at 20 hours of overtime max. (Overtime starts after 40 hours)

“Some of us have kids to feed” -coworker who’s max earnings are now capped at $3300 per week as opposed to the previous $4175.



I was called in for a full shift of overtime even though they didn’t actually need me for anything. I helped out a contractor who had already been payed a flat rate to do a job.

He told me he has had six days off total since January then offered me a full time job to work with him. He was a salary employee,
I guess he never learned to say “no” to his boss. I also had a hard time saying no to his many job offers throughout the day so I just changed the subject or trailed off while talking.

PepperyJasmine is enjoying my dog and my fiance. and looking for a job.

note on your status

i think the email server is fixed now… i’m not sure, but i think so…


You are correct, I received them all at once last week.


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