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Ray I just wanna feel okay again

grow wings (read all 276 entries…)
peers around

I don’t know most of you…...
there are to many posts to read…....
Did anyone miss me?

I am Ray.
A girl for all you gender-confused people out there

Wings are doing good, every few days I get terrible pain, I cant twist or turn very well. I’ve stopped saying prayers, just letting everything do its stuff. Hopefully waiting for a sign and getting more of a life outside the Internet. I wont be on much, mostly on chatzy.

:3 that’s all for now!


(This comment was deleted.)

Ray I just wanna feel okay again

Yay! :) I am remembered! X3 and thank you for the good progress, I’m glad yours is good to

(This comment was deleted.)

Ray I just wanna feel okay again

? I did? When was this?

(This comment was deleted.)


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