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hhannah dont be anyones slogan - you are poetry.

Shine on you crazy diamond... (read all 27 entries…)
Going to see Roger Waters perform THE WALL on Saturday

here!!! I have seen Pink Floyd once before but that was with David Gilmour. Have went out to see Roger Waters perform 2 times which has been amazing. This should be a great blast from the past – going with my oldest best friend since grade 8!!! No halucinogenics but a few drinks with old friends!!! WHo would have thought that something I listened too had such staying power? I now have my 14 yr old asking “hey what song is that?” or asking “have you ever listened to Queen?” History will continue to repeat itself over and over again – I remember asking my parents if they ever listened to the Doors! Cant wait for her to catch up to Guns N Roses (yes I will always have some rock on in me no matter what!)


Gemma Clement Damn, Life is good!!!

My friend’s were at the same concert! The one in Toronto! Small world

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