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Alexandryne If you yell and yell yet no one listens, perhaps you should whisper.

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Totally awesome

So I have tape on my floor that has the directions written on it, like a compass. I’ve had it there for years. And last night, for some reason (I don’t know why, it was completely and utterly random) I decided to do a spell.

Now I know that I’ve said before you can’t just make up some random words an shove them together and expect your spell to work, but on reflection I think as long as you’re similar to something already created, it’ll still work. And really how hard can it be to get close to any of the billions of wing spells?? Not very, I say.

Well I picked up a feather and started talking, while moving my feet over the tape. I don’t even remember what I said lol, but… I am pumped full of adrenaline and my back won’t stop itching.

I’ve got my fingers crossed!!

So, basically, what I’m trying to say is that don’t rely on someone else to make your spells. Try whatever comes to mind! Open up to the world outside and improvise!! Make your wish really come from YOU!

Good luck!

You’ve got to leap from the nest to learn how to fly


Bloom wishes someone would take her away from this boring planet

You certainly are happy ^^ good luck with your wings!

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