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Sleep Under The Stars

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sleep under the stars (read all 2 entries…)
i slept under the stars...

first time i can remember it was in my terrace, when i was living in Sant Carles de la R├ápita. I used to go and watch the stars, studying constellations and then there was a time I was working so hard and for many many hours in a printing house and my life seemed to be senseless and i had no time to go for my walks to watch the stars, so I decided to sleep in the terrace…
took night clothes, a really comfortable pillow and it was a CUUTE night.
then time later I went out with a boyfriend I used to have and we slept uunder the stars for not a whole night in the countryside to. Now i feel prepared to sleep anywhere, as Oasis say…as long as there’s a bed beneath the stars that shine.
and myself i don’t even care about the bed



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