Trula December: Closing in on Some Things

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Bleh. Out of all my workouts hula hooping is the worst. I’m getting better at it and everything, but it tires me out. It is not an energizing workout like the fast walking. Maybe I’ll start doing it in the morning, after my morning walk. That’s an idea.


FindingMyName Barely Breathing

I think

That the most important in trying to keep hooping, or be motivated to do it, is having good music. Doesn’t even have to had a good beat by standard, start out with music that you really love.
That’s what got me going in the beginning. :)

Trula December: Closing in on Some Things


it just makes me feel so tired…

FindingMyName Barely Breathing


I see what you mean. Doing it after your morning walk certainly does sound like an idea. Or maybe, if it makes you tired, right before you go to sleep.
Or, maybe hooping just isn’t for you. Which is totally okay. :)

Trula December: Closing in on Some Things


What’s with the ‘maybe hooping isn’t for you bit? all i said was it makes me feel tired. sheesh! LOL

FindingMyName Barely Breathing


well I was just saying that if maybe in time it tires you to the point you don’t feel you can do it anymore, that’s alright haha.

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