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It has been years since i signed up for a class...

...and I’m looking at the life enrichment catalog of my local university… And thinking… Wouldn’t it be great to learn to draw? To learn to waltz? To learn Photoshop? I’m intrigued to see if I can fit these in my schedule…


balycooley is taking Biostatistics, Intro to Public Health, and Death & Dying

My advice?

MAKE them fit. :) Take away the stuff that doesn’t enrich your life, like TV or internet that is just passing-time quality, and you’ll find that you have more time than you thought.

Thank you... Except there isn't a lot I can take out...

My tv time is non-existent, internet these days is mostly practical stuff, and somewhere in there I do still want to have fun. I suppose I could take out cooking or cleaning or laundry by hiring people to do those, but I’m convinced that in the end I save more time by doing them myself. But, you’re right, I just have to fit them in and then fit everything else around them. thanks for writing.

balycooley is taking Biostatistics, Intro to Public Health, and Death & Dying


I’ve stopped scheduling fun so that I can work and go to school. I know it’s for a finite period so it’s doable. It does mean that a I’ve cultivated more friends who are into spontaneous plans, like calling them up after class because I’m caught up on homework, so I can go out to dinner for two hours.

Well, here's wishing you many times...

... In which you finish your homework early and still have the chance to hang out with good friends on a spontaneous basis. Congratulations for having such an efficient use of your time…:-)

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