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Why the Affordable Health Care Act is needed

I was so glad to hear that the high court upheld the Affordable Health Care Act. I know some people really don’t like it but here’s why I do:

When I was unemployed in my late 50s I could not get health insurance and without health insurance I was turned down for health care – even though I offered payment up-front.

I am no longer unemployed but again find myself without insurance. When I changed jobs, my new employer is too small to offer this benefit and though I have applied to a number of companies, I have been turned down by every one, all citing my health problems. This is a little disingenuous as I am 61 and have no major problems except osteoporosis and my cervical stenosis, neither of which requires any treatment. I have never had heart disease or cancer or other expensive ailment.

I am still years away from being able to qualify for Medicare, have too much income to qualify for Medicaid, and no one will insure me. Even under the Affordable Care Act I will have to wait until 2014 for coverage. That will make me 63. The next two years will be a little scary for me. What if I develop heart disease or cancer or a kidney problem? What if I need surgery? I will literally have to wait until I am so ill I cannot work, then I can get coverage. It’s not right.

This is something that is needed and I hope all Americans can get over their sense of misplaced outrage and support it. One never knows when one will lose one’s job and need this.


Jessy sweet enough without sugar

Your situation is just one of the reasons

I like the Affordable Health Care Act. I also like that insurance companies cannot deny coverage for preexisting conditions and that there are no lifetime limits to coverage.

I also think it is only fair that everyone should be required to have and pay for health insurance. Otherwise, we all end up paying for those who don’t buy coverage.

The two things that worry me about it: Insurance companies are still in charge of our heath care, but I doubt that is fixable.

I also worry that employers will suddenly say, “Oh, now we don’t need to cover our employees; they can get their own insurance!” and those of us who have insurance will end up paying even more than we already do.

But something had to be done, and this is better than nothing. I hope.


Ah, yes, there’s the rub, the insurance companies. They’ll still get to screw us but they’ll have to buy us dinner first!

Jessy sweet enough without sugar

Haha . . .

yeah, but they probably won’t let us order the most expensive thing on the menu. ;)

That's ok

I’ve always been a cheap date!

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