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Ru ~ dig deeper Blowing out candles, knocking down goals

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The first day of summer vacation

Today is the first day of summer vacation, and M’s last day of work for a week. The garage is now smelling extra fresh (aired out and drops of lavender sprinkled) which is a huge relief, and my main goals for today are starting a new project, registering to 90 books, and helping Isak start a journal of his own.

It’s a muggy, gray day. I have some leftovers from yesterday to deal with, one of which is trying to make a hair appointment so I can feel refreshingly redder in the sun, if it ever returns. I think it’s a good day for multitasking. It’s also a day for rejoicing at the dawn of another weekend. A really Loooooong weekend.

  • Eat well, drink plenty of water, and take vitamins/supplements
  • Exercise/movement for 1 hour minimum: walk, yoga, Wii fit+
  • Basic house maintenance: dishes, garbage, recycling, compost
  • Flylady Mission of the Day: Living Room hotspots
  • Laundry: wash, sort, put away
  • Reading & homework with Isak
  • Family game / adventure
  • Me time: bath, bubbles, book
  • Downtime w/M
  • Continue May happiness entries
  • Make hair appointment
  • Transfer new photos
  • Trim kid claws
  • Work on bio
  • BookCrossing: Continue to sort, register, label (aim for 90)
  • Start summer journal/scrapbook for Isak
  • Set up and start new memoir project
  • Start sorting box of baby clothes √ 4 boxes/bags!
  • 30 minutes in the garage
  • Close out June bootcamp
  • Cider & movie with M. √ (although he fell asleep)


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