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ChelseysChapter Embracing life every day!

Lose 30 pounds (read all 3 entries…)
Eat more balanced, exercise more.

I’m not the kind of person to check calories on everything, I find that unbearable. I only do it on things I already know are bad for me, like chips I’ll check on calories, so I know I shouldn’t consume too much. I haven’t entirely stopped eating “bad” food. The thing is, that diets don’t work for me. I’ve already lost weight perfectly fine without following a strict diet, just by eating less than my body needs, but when I eat, I eat the things my body needs. Also, I dance a lot with my iPod on, I really love to dance, it keeps me busy, and I can do it whenever I feel like it. Sometimes I do it at the weirdest hours though. As for serious exercise, since my exams are done, me and my friend are going to hit the gym tomorrow morning, and going to try and work out at least 3 times a week. I do need to drink more water, because that definitely helps.

At the moment I weigh 75 Kilo’s, which is about 165 Lbs
I’d like to weigh about 63 Kilo’s, which is about 138 Lbs.

At my heaviest I was 84 Kilo’s, 185 Lbs, ever since that point, I’ve taken a turn in the whole food pattern thing and tried a lot of diets, even though diets never worked out for me. I seriously ate a bag of chips each day, together with a lot of other bad snacks. But by eating more balanced is how I got to the weight I’m at now, together with biking to places, and the dancing, amongst other things.


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