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How are you spending Independence Day? (July 4 to non-Americans)

Meetup offers many activities, but somehow none seemed like a good fit for me. I talked my BFF into having a BBQ, and after we’ll pack up his family and cruise around town looking for fireworks.


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I haven't really made plans, but

there is tentative talk about the family hanging out all together. Maybe do a bit of barbecuin’. :-)

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No specific plans

I see possibly taking the granddaughter to the pool. We are probably going to eat light and cool because of the heat. We might buy some more kid friendly fireworks to be lit by an adult, of course. We already did some on the weekend.
Our city is still having it’s annual fireworks display tonight while some neighboring towns have cancelled because of the heat and excessive dry conditions.

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4th of July Parade - 50th Anniversary

Our little town does a parade every year, but we haven’t gone in a while. I think I want to go down to this one with my camera and see what I see.

Last night The Condor Squadron (vintage WWII fighter planes) flew over our house, checking out the route they’ll fly over the parade tomorrow. Thrilling

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