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iamevoxus there is freedom in letting go

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chocolate custard

made another quick and easy healthy desert tonight. im going to call this one healthy chocolate custard :)

basically i melted 2 blocks of green and blacks 85% dark chocolate, then i added 2 tablesppons of 0% fat, no added sugar greek yoghurt to the melted chocolate, added 1 scoop whey protein powder. and mixed till all the yoghurt was brown and chocolatey and the whey powder completely mixed in. but wait, it doesnt end there!... i then went and got one of my caramel flavoured rice cakes, (only 50 callories compared to the 29/30 callories of a normal rice cake) and broke it up into peices and then mixed it into the chocolate custard. i did this to give it a bit of texture, cos i get bored with having lots of smooth yoghurty things. i actually only bought those caramel ricecakes to add them to my sweet yoghurt deserts if i felt like it. or the random snack if i feel like it.

anyway, this thing came out better than i expected it tasted like chocolate custard, like u get in the shops or in rocky road sundaes or what not… those desert things. it was well nice, and i felt like i was eating a chocolate desert that was sinful :) but it wasnt! but it sure did taste good. was jsut thinking u could also add a bit of cocoa to give the custard even more of a chocolately taste or use chocolate protein powder for the same reason. also because i used 85% dark choc… there was a slight dark chocoalte bitterness to it… but it wasnt a deal breaker.. but if i dont like that, one can always add a bit of sweetner to make it sweeter.

anyway this is another new favourite desert. woopdidoo :)



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