identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money) (read all 11 entries…)
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34. The feeling of freedom after working solidly for months. In my last year of university I had to complete my dissertation, as I did biomedical science I undertook research in cardiovascular disease using actual human blood samples to try to understand if antioxidants can decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease. Anyway, not only did I have to attend my 25 hours of lectures a week, but also be in the lab for approximately 40 hours aswell. Needless to say I was always working, and the feeling of freedom was so great when I finally handed my project in. However it made me realise that im truly happy when am under a lot of stress work wise, and am working to a strict deadline. Looking back, its what made my final year so enjoyable, and on top of that I was doing my own research and discovering stuff that no other scientists had.

35. Looking up at clouds.

36. The fact that simple things make me happy.

37. being tipsy.



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