identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money) (read all 11 entries…)
38 - 70

38. The blog
39. The smell of my Estee Lauder perfume, Bronze Goddess
40. Cinnamon
41. Rainbows.Knowing that due the refraction of the light no one else sees exactly the same rainbow as you. Every persons rainbow is unique.
42. Long summer evenings
43. BBQs
44. Driving through the countryside in the blazing sunshine
45. Thursdays. Its my last day at work and I can look forward to the weekend.
46. A good spring clean of my room – going through all my clothes and books and giving all the stuff I no longer need to charity.
47. The smell of sweet pea flowers
48. Everything in the Cath Kidston store
49. Anthropologie bedding
50. Snuggling
51. Winter evenings when its cold outside but warm and cosy inside and rooms in my house are subtly lit by lamps/candles.
52. Cute cups and saucers/espresso cups and long stemmed wine glasses
53. My time spent at university. So far its been the happiest time of my life.
54. ‘Sanctuary’ bath stuff from Boots. It smells lovely.
55. Finishing a drawing/painting and realising it doesnt look half bad, and that im actually quite pleased with it
56. When my hair looks good
57. Beautiful high heeled shoes
58. Owning lots of books, and always buying more from Oxfam to add to my collection.
59. New clothes
60. Scarves from Warehouse
61. Dreamcatchers and windchimes hanging up
62. Finding the perfect pair of jeans
63. Watching the sun set
64. Contemplating the possibilities of life and realising it could take me anywhere.
65. Saving money
66. My car
67. Bright colours
68. Halloween
69. Beautiful scenery/landscapes
70. Taking the time to think about what makes me happy, and realising its a lot.



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