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master that dreaded stretch of Highway 6
One of USA's Deadliest Roads

I want to feel comfortable and safe driving Highway 6 between Spanish Fork and Price, Utah, so that I can regularly visit my son and his new wife.


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Whenever I've driven that highway,

I wonder why it is so deadly. What do you think the problem is?

Much of the Problem

is crazy aggressive passing in areas where it is unsafe to pass…:(

wren You'll not see nothing like the mighty wren!

Yeah, I see a lot of that in Utah -

people passing on the double yellow line or on blind curves.

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As one who drives Highway 6, I’d also say that people who drive too fricking slow also are much of the problem. 20 miles below the speed limit is just as dangerous as 20 miles faster than the speed limit.

It's Tempting

to go for that unsafe pass when you are stuck wayy too long behind someone driving wayy too slow.

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I have to do this pretty much every week. Working as paramedic when I’m responding to an emergency with my lights and sirens, people always stop on blind curves or crests and I have to take a chance that nothing is coming.

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I learned something

by looking at this NPR story

From the NPR Story

This highway is “a mix of freeway-type traffic, including double tractor-trailers and tanker trucks, passenger cars and recreational vehicles, all blazing along at freeway speeds on a mountain and canyon roadway that sometimes twists and curves and constricts down to two narrow lanes. Deer and elk cross the road, and snow and ice make it slick…Many fatal crashes are caused by impatient drivers trying to pass slow-moving vehicles and crossing into oncoming traffic.”

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you can become one of the most proficient drivers on the road, and still run a high risk of injury or death because of the idiots one inevitably encounters in traffic. I don’t know how to eliminate that risk, other than shooting them on sight (a solution that for some reason remains unpopular with our elected representatives).

I travel rural roads as a matter of routine, since I live in a rural area. I’m convinced that one must become a master of defensive driving. I learned long ago to envision what can go wrong, and to have a pre-planned response ready. That way, when the defecation strikes the oscillation, I will have already made the decision to react in a certain way. Then it’s just a matter of putting the plan into action. That saves a second or so, but at 60 mph one is traveling 90 feet in that second.

Regardless, I also hate seeing stretches of twisty, hilly, exciting roadways being dumbed down to the lowest common denominator (a number that seems to get lower each year). The old highways have character for those of us with the skills and the vehicles to navigate them. The thought of an America that one sees only from the homogeneity of the Interstate highways is depressing. Only on the rural roads does one encounter the local character of the land one is passing through.

Defensive Driving

is a must on rural roads like this. Staying safe can require some mad road skillz!

Todd Schoonover is rehashing old avatars


My territory as paramedic is all rural including a 40+ mile stretch of Route 6. I’m surprised we don’t have more fatalities here as we have logging trucks, fracking trucks, motorcycles, regular folk, semis and everything in between on these roads. As you note, it really comes down to being prepared for the other idiots on the road. You can’t stop a deer from running out in front of you, but knowing how to react when one does gives you the best chance to survive the encounter.

I echo your thoughts too that rural roads do help you connect to communities so much more than interstates. While interstates serve a purpose for commerce, I think people are losing a bit of Americana by not traveling the old roads with their roadside attractions.

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When I lived in Southern ILL ....

I had the choice of taking the interstate home from work, or I could take two different routes; those being country roads. I usually opted for the roads, it was definitely more scenic!!

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